Lexica (lexica510) wrote,

decreasing inputs to increase focus

For a number of reasons — including my plans to start the training program to become an Egoscue Posture Alignment Specialist — it's feeling like the right time to cut down on inputs. As far as physical decluttering goes, a lot of the things that I've been lugging around for years, literally, from one apartment to another, I'm now looking at and feeling a readiness to let them go. Stuffed animals from my childhood, a teapot that was my mother's but which we never use, kitchen gadgets ditto, assorted never-begun and half-finished needlework projects, clothes that didn't fit or didn't look good — gone, with little to no emotional turmoil. (Not without some inconvenience, though — I have only two pairs of office-suitable pants, which makes getting through a week a bit challenging. Thank goodness Friday is blue-jeans-okay day.)

It's not a wholesale purge or divestiture, though. The needlework projects may be gone, but I'm holding on to my embroidery frame and matching table/lap stand. Part of the reason for working to clear space is so I can get my sewing machine out and start filling in my wardrobe. I think the frame and stand will come in handy for doing embellishment on garments. (One thing I'm not getting rid of is any of my Threads back issues — in fact, I'm going to pull them out and refresh my memory of my list of projects and techniques I want to try.)

I'm planning to go through my old cooking magazines and scan in any articles I want to keep, then put the magazines out on the freecycle table in our building's laundry room, and there are a couple of cookbooks I could let go of without a pang. I think I'll even get rid of (pass along, donate, whatever) most or all of my Robertson Davies books. (Maybe I should have warned monica_lisa before saying that. monica_lisa, are you okay? Should I ask ansai to get a cold cloth for your forehead? *grin*)

Also planning to prune my f-list, so don't take it personally if your LJ is one of the ones I stop following.

Less time online, less time reading books that "oh, well, this might be interesting", fewer evenings putting in a DVD we've already watched umpteen times just to keep the eyes occupied. More time exercising, more time studying, more time sewing and cooking and sitting zazen.

It feels good.

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