Lexica (lexica510) wrote,

bacteria, viruses, and microbes, oh my!

I have confirmed that there are at least three varieties of bug going around right now:
  • There is the knock-you-flat cold that stays up in the head and sinus areas — the kind BossLady has.
  • There is the knock-you-flat cold that visits the sinuses briefly and then migrates down to the chest — the kind co-worker B has.
  • There is the knock-you-flat flu-like thing that has little to no head or chest involvement, but which leaves you utterly exhausted with pain in every muscle — the kind Pirate has.

I've been fighting what seems to be co-worker B's variety since last week. Friday I managed to hang on by my fingernails and made it through the whole day at work, but the weekend was a matter of large handfuls of Chinese miracle herbs, Emergen-C, and lots of sleep.

That's on top of the bad case of food poisoning (I think) that hit me the night of Wednesday the 8th and had me out of work that Thursday and Friday.


Take your vitamins. Get enough rest. Wash your hands regularly. And consider whether a flu shot makes sense for you. This may be a bad winter.
Tags: annoyances, illness, sick lexi, sick monkey

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