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Californians: Say NO to sales tax on veterinary visits!

Say NO to a tax on your veterinary services.

Call the Governor's office and let him know that trying to balance the budget at the expense of your pet's health is not acceptable!

Call 916-445-2841 and follow the instructions.

Press 1 for English.

Wait and press 5 to "voice your opinion on a current hot issue."

It will ask you to press 1 again if you're calling about the Veterinary Tax Proposal, so press 1.

Press 2 if you are against the tax.

And tell your friends.
clipped from www.ibabuzz.com

Do you want your vet bill to be considered as "nonessential or luxury services" and be taxed 9 percent every time you have to take your pet to visit your veterinarian?

Regular veterinary care for our beloved companion animals is a necessity, not a luxury. We can't skimp on these costs without jeopardizing the health and safety of our pets.

California wants to legislate a 9 percent tax on all veterinary services, including medications, to help solve its budget problems. Pet surgeries, spaying and neutering, etc. are already expensive. Another 9 percent on top of everything else is going to stop a lot of people from giving their pets the proper care they need… because they won't be able to afford it.

Animal shelters are filling up with dogs and cats who were abandoned or relinquished when their families lost their homes due to foreclosures. And now the state of California wants to add even more pressures on already stressed families and give them another reason to have to lose their pets?

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