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There were never any "good old days" — they are today, they are tomorrow
Boom-de-yadda began with the blues this weekend 
4th-Feb-2009 02:10 pm
live oak
spiritualmonkey met me after work on Friday, as he generally does when he's not working, and we hopped the bus up to Rockridge to pick up a book at the Rockridge branch of the Oakland Public Library. We had dinner at a new little Pakistani place on College Ave (Currylicious — not bad, and reasonably priced), then headed over to Oakland Tech, where we'd intended to go to the Friday performance of Oakland Inside Out... but after wandering around the perimeter of the grounds for a while without finding the auditorium, we decided to just head home by way of TJ's for dessert fixings.

We walked up Pleasant Valley and continued on Grand when it changed names, then cut over to Lakeshore Ave to go to TJ's. There was a guy standing in front of Lakeshore Produce playing a guitar and singing to nobody, so Pirate tossed a buck into his guitar case. (Pirate & I both believe that the Universe likes it when you tip buskers.) "Oh!" he said, "oh, hey, you put something in the case, you gotta stay and listen!"

So we did. I sat on the bench in front of Peet's, and he said to Pirate, "Okay, there's you and me, and then there's her alone as the Lone Ranger, so—" turning to me "— you get to pick what you want to hear. Blues, rock, country-western, jazz..." I chose blues. "Great!" he said. "Now, this is a song about people talking bad about your honey..." and started playing. And he was good, too!

He finished that song, and before we were done applauding, he said to Pirate "Your turn! What do you want to hear?" Pirate chose rock, and he played us a blues-rock song he'd written. Outstanding. When he was done, Pirate tossed a $5 into the case because he was so good, we all wished each other a good evening, stay cool man, you take care of yourself... and Pirate and I headed off to TJ's.

When we came out, I looked back at where he was and was pleased to see that three young women were standing around him, grooving on whatever he was playing.

The more we walk around, the more interesting things we bump into.
5th-Feb-2009 02:57 am (UTC)

I surely miss that, the being somewhere where you can just walk around, and see stuff, and yak, and interact, and eat a bagel, and watch someone sing, get dinner at Farmer Joe's and have (someone.. Liz, Tara, etc) over for snacks.

Yah, not so much, here in Suburbia. Can't walk anywhere, but around a block, with no sidewalks. yeah, it'll be worth it, when I have 10 20 acres, and chicks, and my two cattle, and garden and all. Still, even then, I'll still miss Haight Street, tai chi in the Panhandle, Ocean Beach, the bison in GG park, the bike trail in GG park. The park closed on Sundays... Even Pier 39.

But, I'll have dirt...
5th-Feb-2009 10:46 pm (UTC) - Have you tried the Indian place on Piedmont Ave?
It's called Raj, and it's attached to the Kerry House bar. It used to be a crappy Mexican place, and then it was something else, and now it's Raj. Very typical North Indian fare, but much better quality than anyplace else. They actually know to soak prawns in cold salt water before cooking so they snap when you bite into them. A prawn vindaloo, one of the more expensive dishes on the menu, was around $12, and it was excellent, and pretty hot (though I'm sure one could get it hotter).
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