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You'd think I'd have learned not to read comment threads...

Note to self: if BoingBoing or anyone else has a thread on the topic of "did this artist rip off the original designs of that artist?", do not read the comments. It will just annoy you.

One design strongly "inspired" by another artist's work? Might be spontaneous co-invention (as discussed in James Burke's series Connections, as well as elsewhere).

Two designs strongly "inspired" by another artist's work? Well, could be coincidence, I guess.

Four — possibly more — designs strongly "inspired" by another artist's work? Nope, starting to look suspicious here.

And of course, the commenters are trotting out all the usual weak arguments. "They're not line-for-line exact copies; therefore they weren't ripping off the original." "I vaguely remember seeing clip art at some point in the past that seemed to bear a resemblance to this; therefore they weren't ripping off the original."

Gaaahhhhh. I want to go dive into back issues of American Craft magazine as a palate-cleanser.
Tags: artists, copyright, creativity, plagiarism, theft

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