Lexica (lexica510) wrote,

What, is fact-checking no longer part of journalism training?

So I'm reading a story on xenophobic reactions to the H1N1 flu outbreak, and I come across this sentence:
In an interview, [talk radio host Michael] Savage, who says he has a Ph.D in epidemiology and human nutrition from the University of California-Berkeley, said his remarks were based on science.
I'm sorry, "who says he has a Ph.D."? Who says he has a Ph.D. from UCB?

Did nobody pick up the damn telephone to call the registrar at Cal to verify this?

Well, maybe they couldn't figure out how to reach the registrar. I mean, it is awfully difficult to find their contact information.

And to be pedantic, the name of the school is University of California, Berkeley or UC Berkeley or UCB or even Cal. Not "University of California-Berkeley". See page 14.
Tags: accuracy, names

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