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In the kitchen... with SCIENCE!

Science is so cool. When I bought half a flat of strawberries at the farmers' market on Friday, in the back of my mind was the thought I do hope I manage to use all these before they go bad. I made a small batch of jam Friday night, as well as eating a fair number out of hand, and figured making strawberry shortcake would take care of some more. But still, the clock was ticking rapidly.

And then I remembered an article by Harold McGee that I'd read earlier in the week, about reducing mold on berries via thermotherapy and decided to try giving them a 30-second bath in 125°F water.

Wow. Seriously wow. Today is Monday and the berries look fine. They don't have that glossy, never-been-refrigerated look they did when I first brought them home, but they're just fine for shortcake or making more jam. And not covered with grey fuzz, which is how they'd be at this point normally.

Yay, science!
Tags: cooking, food, research, science

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