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Yes, Oakland is as hellish as you imagine, and you should stay far far away

From an SFGate article on the upcoming 2010 Oakland Marathon — the first marathon in Oakland in more than 25 years:
News of the marathon is beginning to make its way through local online groups of long-distance runners, university track programs and personal trainers.

"Is it going to go through the city's better neighborhoods, or are we going to need a police escort for part of the way?" asked Debbie Falls, a veteran of more than 40 marathons over the years and owner of Fleet Feet, an athletic shoe store in Pleasanton.
No, madam, it's going to go through ALL THE WORST NEIGHBORHOODS IN OAKLAND, straight up International Boulevard. Welcome to the shady 80s! Now passing through the lovely dirty thirties! Watch out for the homeless people camped near the 11th Street underpass — they're scary! Better run quick, or the gangstas and thugs will get you!


I love my post-industrial hellhole.

Poor Ms. Falls, having to run through awful, dirty, dangerous Oakland. Maybe this is the problem. Ya think?
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