Lexica (lexica510) wrote,

Training log: Tuesday 10/6/09

Brisk walk home from work (2 miles). 30 minutes run/walk, 10/50 ratio. Hills. (This is Oakland. The only way not to have hills is to run back & forth along the Embarcadero. *yawn*)

Feeling really good. We think we're going to extend the run/walk — probably 45 minutes next time. Galloway says not to do too much, no going too fast or too far, but Pirate & I talked about it on the walk home and we think that all the walking we've been doing over the past two years probably puts us at a higher baseline level of fitness than most beginning runners.

Really, when you're walking home afterward and have enough energy to feel bouncy... maybe you should do just a little more. *grin*

ETA: Egoscue personal menu #6 this morning.

Pedometer for the day: 13124.
Tags: marathon, run-walk, running, training, training-log

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