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Training log: Wednesday - Sunday, 10/14-10/18/09

Wednesday, 10/14/09:

Egoscue personal menu #3.
Two-mile walk home.
Rest day on the training schedule, so nothing else today.
Pedometer for the day: 8115.

Thursday, 10/15/09:
Egoscue personal menu #5.
Two-mile walk home.
Was 4/5 through the 1-hour Callanetics workout when my stomach started feeling upset, so called it there. (Dunno what was wrong with it. I made some nice, non-challenging rice porridge and went to bed early.)
Rest day on the training schedule.
Pedometer for the day: 8416.

Friday, 10/16/09:
Egoscue personal menu #7.
Two-mile walk home.
45 minutes run/walk, 30/30 ratio. Did a loop from home to the Embarcadero, along the waterfront, then back home. Felt really good. Very glad we bought the the various reflective and illuminated things we have; we're finding that having a strobing headlamp blinking "DON'T HIT ME! DON'T HIT ME! DON'T HIT ME!" noticeably increases one's peace of mind when running at twilight and after dark.
Pedometer for the day: 14815.

Saturday, 10/17/09:
Slothful day marked by afternoon nap and no Egoscue or Callanetics or anything. *yawn*

Sunday, 10/18/09:
Egoscue personal menu #3.

Long run day! 7.5 miles at a 30/30 run/walk ratio; took about 100 minutes total. Took two breaks at about 2/5 and 4/5 of the way through to have some Vita Coco coconut water and some peanut butter with honey. Went from home to Lake Merritt, up Lakeshore to Grand, up Grand to Broadway, then up College as far as Derby (dood, I just ran from home to Berkeley — zowie!), where we turned and headed down to Telegraph, then down Telegraph to Bake Sale Betty — seven and a half miles, yay us! — for lunch. Boy, did those fried chicken sandwiches taste good! And the line got long just after we got on line (yay!) so we scored two cookies while waiting as well.

After eating lunch at our favorite bench beside the little (currently dry) creek that runs behind the Claremont DMV, we walked down to Tip Top Bike Shop at Telegraph and 48th, where we spent about an hour and a half happily puttering around and test riding bikes before dropping a large chunk of tax refund on a long-planned, long-needed purchase of two new bikes.

NEW BIKE WOOT!!! I got a Jamis Allegro 2 (on sale, since it's the end of the 2009 model year). Love it so far. (Well, aside from the bit where we were halfway home and the cable to the front shifter went spoing! and popped loose. We didn't feel like heading back at the time to get it taken care of, so Pirate's going to take it back tomorrow to have them fix it.) Got a couple of racks and two Banjo Brothers Market Panniers, a couple of Kryptonite locks (I think they're this model), and locking skewers for both bikes. They also tossed in a free "I hella bike Oakland" shirt for me and would have tossed one in for Pirate but were out of his size, so he got a rain check.

Very happy with the experience. And did I mention NEW BIKE YAY!!!! MOBILE AGAIN WHEE!?

Feeling really good about the run. When we got to Betty's for lunch, we both agreed that if we had more water or Vita Coco and a bit more to snack on to keep the blood sugar levels up, we could easily run the rest of the way home, no problem — and that would have been a half marathon!

Well, there would have been a fair bit of disappointment at having to run past without stopping for lunch, but aside from that... felt strong and good. My feet are just a little tired (need better shoes — going to order a pair of these since these are back-ordered until December). Also my trapezius is a little tight and tired, which I'm interpreting as a sign that my alignment and form need a little adjustment. Time to go back to the Egoscue clinic for a tune-up, I think. We still have a couple of sessions on the package deal we signed up for.

Pedometer for the day: 21970.

Man, I feel good. I feel stronger and better than I ever remember feeling before. This rocks.
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