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Training log: Monday & Tuesday, 10/19-10/20/09

Monday, 10/19/09:
Egoscue personal menu #6.
Two-mile walk home.
Rest day on the training schedule, so no running.
Did the full 1-hour Callanetics workout. Was able to keep up with almost everything until the pelvic circles/pelvic scoops.
Pedometer for the day: 8793.

Tuesday, 10/20/09:
Egoscue personal menu #7.

2.67 mile bike ride home (according to MapMyRun). Incidentally, WHEE!!! Love my new bike!

45 minutes run/walk 30/30 ratio; with two walk breaks for some coconut water we were out 52 minutes total. 3.2 miles according to MapMyRun. Feeling good, strong. Could have kept going, but Galloway is very big on not doing too much too fast. Besides, my left ankle is... not hurting, really; I'm not sure the sensation even qualifies as "discomfort". It's a sensation that I've come to interpret Egoscue-wise as meaning things are shifting in relationship to each other... which, based on what I see when I look in the mirror, means my alignment is continuing to improve. Yay!

Pedometer for the day: 13401.

Also, I mapped the marathon course at MapMyRun. Unfortunately they have the embed code set up using frames, which don't play nicely here at LJ, so you'll have to click through to see it:
View Interactive Map on MapMyRun.com

I don't know why it shows it as being less than 26.2. I believe marathon organizers tend to be fairly persnickety about that. The street-by-street listing that's up on the marathon's website is fairly unclear at points, and (IMO) has a couple of turns missing or wrong, so it may be that I didn't get it entered exactly as they intended it to be. Oh, well.
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