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video: Last-minute race tips from Toby Tanser

I came across this video while reading the RW Daily blog at Runners World — last-minute race tips from Toby Tanser ("NYC-based coach, founder of the charity organization Shoe4Africa, RW Hero of Running, and all-around good guy" according to RW):

Last Minute Marathon Tips: shot with Nikon D90 from Mike Kobal on Vimeo.

Transcript of the tips (for easier reference) behind the cut:
Make food & board reservations early
Run for a cause
No massage last five days before a marathon
Last week add hours in bed
Clip your toenails
Don't spend more than 20 mins @ the race expo
Be on your feet sparingly the day before the race
No spicy foods pre-race
Eat pasta, run faster
Pack your bag the night before the race
Jot down what you put in the bag to avoid constant re-checks
No new shoes
Wear running gear you've completed a long run in
Secure your chip & race number night before
Fill in emergency contact info on your bib
Set 2 alarm clocks
Go to bed at 9 pm & read a novel - no worries if you can't sleep
Naomi Campbell dream of...
Eat carbs not fats race morning
Before lacing check inside shoes for foreign objects
Double-knot laces
Take toilet paper
Bandaids, spare pins, Vaseline, toiletries, hat & gloves, cash, spare socks
Get to the start area early & sit down & rest
Take a bottle of water to the start line
Sip water don't gulp
Eat a small sachet of salt before the race off your hand... but forget the tequila
Nerves are normal
Take warm clothes for before & after the race
Have waterproof disposable outer garments
When the cannon sounds... run!
Drink 2 to 4 ounces every 20 mins
Avoid puddles
Run even splits
Humid weather = slower race pace
Against a headwind, draft
When fatigue arrives be proud; the race is tough, you're tougher
Everyone feels pain the last 6 miles - suck it up!
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