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There were never any "good old days" — they are today, they are tomorrow
Lots of bike-related fun available this weekend 
19th-Nov-2009 09:43 pm
Continental Pneumatic bike poster
First, there's the San Francisco Bike Expo at the Cow Palace on Saturday. There'll be lots of vendors; we're planning to get a couple of BikeGlow safety lights and two Down Low Glow systems, and want to check out the under-seat bags from Krieg Cycling. I'm also looking forward to the different clothing vendors, and intend to try on as many pairs of riding knickers/capris and as much merino wool as I can.

After the expo, around 7:00 pm (after dark), the Rock the Bike crew will be leading a ride (no doubt complete with lights and music) back to the Mission, destination Baobab Village for the Outside In street food fest.

Then on Sunday, there's the Oakland Taco Truck Tour Numero Dos (Foothill* Boulevard Edition). Meet up at the Lake Merritt BART station at 12:30 pm, then ride up Foothill, stopping at four taco trucks on the way, winding up at Nieves Cinco de Mayo ice cream by the Fruitvale BART station, with the further option of continuing on to the Trappist, for those with enough energy...

(And somewhere in there, the monkey and I are hoping to get a run in. Yeah, that's likely. Ahem.)

So c'mon, get up on your bike!

* I first typed "Foodhill". Freudian slip, I guess.
20th-Nov-2009 05:10 pm (UTC)
DUDE. I had that song stuck in my head this morning. *flails happily*
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