Lexica (lexica510) wrote,

Really beginning to dislike processed foodstuffs

I find I'm having no trouble resisting most of the edible goodies that people have been bringing in to the office. This seems to be holding true even though today is the "holiday dessert faire".

The "chocolate" used in home-grade chocolate fountains? Nasty.
Commercial high fructose corn syrup-based marshmallows? Nasty.
Already-stale cookies full of hydrogenated fats and four different kinds of sweeteners? Nasty.
Overly-sweetened American chocolates? Nasty.

Even the Godiva chocolates that BossLady received (which are now open for sharing) are too sweet for the most part.


Honestly, right now what I'm craving is Brussels sprouts. Or maybe kale.
Tags: dessert, food, nutrition, work

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