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First Sunday Streets SF of 2010 is today!

Pirate and I are getting ready to head across the bay to the first Sunday Streets SF of 2010. The Embarcadero will be closed to traffic from China Basin up to Fisherman's Wharf. Get up on your bike, hop on your kick-scooter, strap on your rollerskates, or lace on your favorite shoes and come out to enjoy more than three miles of car-free San Francisco waterfront.

Various events — fitness fair, climbing wall, dance lessons, free bike maintenance — and the glorious feeling of being out in a crowd without any dangerously oblivious, nasty-exhaust-spewing cars, trucks, or buses.

There'll be free valet bike parking by the SFBC for some of the events, too. Protip: if you use the valet parking, leave your bike lock attached to your frame. The last time we used valet bike parking, Pirate lost his claim check. Luckily, he could demonstrate that the key on his keyring opened the Kryptonite lock attached to the frame, and hey presto, here's your bike dude have a nice day (wanna sign up as a member? oh you are already cool).

It looks like it's going to be a gorgeous day. Time for me to go slather on the sunblock, pull on my "I HELLA BIKE OAKLAND" shirt (Pirate will be wearing his "I CRASH SF" shirt), get my travel mug (because how can you have a day out on the bike in SF without coffee?) and head out.

For the more heavily GRAR! CAGERS SUCK! version of this announcement, please see spiritualmonkey's latest post, here.

So c'mon, get up on your bike!
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