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A week to myself, yay! ...now what?

So Pirate's gone for a week and a half for work (Amgen Tour of California again) and I'm on my own. He just left yesterday afternoon, and I'm still in the "okay, now what shall I do?" mode. I have some ideas — it's going to be Festival of Green and Crunchy Vegetable Matter in the kitchen, for one thing — but beyond that, I'm not sure. Definitely a fair bit of reading and petting the cats. Likely cooking of some sort, possibly sewing.

Anyone up for the Bike to the Movies Night at Linden Street Brewery on Saturday, 5/22? I'd like to go, but don't know if I'm up for going on my own. Things like that are more fun with friends (and logistically easier: "You stay here and hold our seats, I'll go get the beer").
Tags: bikes, oakland, social calendar

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