Lexica (lexica510) wrote,

Dear Twitter: Please stop making me feel like a stalker

Lately spiritualmonkey and I have really been into the music of local slam poet/rapper Rafael Casal, as well as the rest of the Getback Crew. Serendipitously, the monkey actually encountered Rafa the other night.

So I'm poking around the net and come across one of Rafa's recent tweets:
RT @Nettabrielle: RT @JMyersmusic: Brunch This Sat 1pm sharp! Merrit Bakery in Oakland. Every artist, producer, dj, & music lover. Ever
...uh. Yeah, so the monkey and I live half a mile away from the Merritt... and it's been way too long since we've had fried chicken & waffles even if their "syrup" is HFCS-laden nastiness but that's okay since I smuggle in my own Grade B pure maple... and we're big Rafa fans... and...

oh, hell no. That would be way too stalkeriffic.

I think if we indulge the fried chicken urge this weekend, it'll be Betty's, as usual.

This is part of getting older, isn't it? Back in the day, if one of my favorite musicians announced they were going to be having brunch at one of my regular places half a mile from my home, I would so have been there.

Oh, well. As my mother used to say, "You don't like the idea of getting old? Consider the alternative."
Tags: food, music, oakland, restaurants

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