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Bubble bikes bring the boom-de-yadda

What a fantastic day. Gorgeous weather for Oaklavia. Team LexiMonkey was equipped with two bubble machines and 320 ounces of fruit-scented bubble solution, as Pirate mentioned (although we only brought one 80-ounce bottle due to weight — a slight underestimate, which we remedied by stopping by the Walgreens at Broadway & 14th to drop $3 on another 80 ounces).

We stopped at 14th and Broadway to check out the WOBO booth and the B-Cycle display. These kids couldn't resist our bubbles.


Later we stopped by Peet's for a cup of coffee. Had to leave the bubble machines running, of course.


It didn't take long before we had attracted more kids.


Their parents seemed glad to have a chance to sit down and drink their coffee while the kids played with the bubbles.


These two little girls were entranced by the bubbles.


I fell in love with these kids. So bright and bubbly and engaged with the world around them — just a joy to see.


Looking back down the street as the bubble machines bubbled:


According to my bike computer, we did about 25 miles today, of which I'd estimate about 18 were up & down Broadway during the event.

So, so great. If there's a car-free streets event anywhere near you, do not miss it.

And if you've got $10 to drop on a bubble machine, I highly recommend that, too.

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