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Mmm, Arizmendi pizza!

Pirate and I stopped by Arizmendi on Lakeshore earlier today (a couple of scones for him, a couple of wolverine rolls for me) and, while waiting in line to pay, noticed the pizza of the day. Zucchini, with feta and red onions and lemon rind and I forget what else — nothing I don't like and lots of stuff I do.

"Do you think we should get half a pizza?" I asked.

"Oh hell yeah," said Pirate. "Any of it you don't eat, I will."

So we did.

I just ate half of it. Oh, so good.

*contemplates other half of half-pizza*

*contemplates oven*

You know, I don't know that there's going to be much any pizza left when Pirate gets home...

And in this evening's D'oh! moment, as I reached up to get the container of crushed red pepper down from the cabinet, the lid came off and the whole thing crashed down, open, spilling crushed red pepper everywhere.

We buy our crushed red pepper at the Asian grocery. In a two-cup container. There's now at least a cup and a half of crushed red pepper distributed chaotically in my kitchen, centered in front of the spice cabinet.

And every time I consider going in to sweep it up, I start sneezing again. *achoo!*
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