Lexica (lexica510) wrote,

Look, ma! No hands! Or instructions, or photos, or... oh damn.


In the process of getting packed to go out of town, Pirate turned the entire apartment upside down. Now I can't find the pattern envelope or sewing instructions for the shirt I'm supposed to be sewing (draft 1 of a planned 2 drafts, of which draft 2 must be done by next Saturday, August 7).

And since he's not here, it would do no good to send him a text message asking if he remembers seeing it. I already know what the answer would be.

Luckily the pattern sheet itself is on the ironing board where I left it and the Pellon tracing fabric after pressing it.


Time to hit the Threads back issues. I seem to remember them running an article about how it's a good thing to sometimes throw out (figuratively speaking; more like shove back into the pattern envelope without reading) the sewing instructions, because it helps one better understand the fundamentals of constructing whatever kind of garment one's making.

Still, not really how I'd planned to approach this particular project.
Tags: annoyances, sewing, the monkey

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