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You can tell a non-Bay Arean...

...you just can't tell them much. *ba-dump chik!*

Wait, no, that's not what I meant to post.

I was just listening to one of the archived shows of Open Air with Cheri Huber, and the host was talking with one of the monks about upcoming events. The monk, who I know from past discussions is originally from the South, mentioned a retreat that was coming up, which would be held in northern California, "in... san ra-fai-ELL, is it?"

"In san ruh-FELL, yes," said the host.

Heh. We may have a lot of towns and geographical features with Spanish names around here, but we are hella lazy-tongued about pronouncing them. Los Gatos becomes luss GAD-uss, for example, and San Rafael becomes the aforementioned san ruh-FELL.

Additional hint for out-of-towners who want to be less immediately recognizable as such: the town of Concord is pronounced like "conquered", not like the grape.
Tags: bay area, funny, names, pronunciation

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