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SF Bicycle Music Festival is this Saturday, 7/31!

The San Francisco Bicycle Music Festival will be held this coming Saturday, July 31. Anyone want to go?

The schedule:

12 noon – Golden Gate Park ~ Speedway Meadow
12-12:30pm – Diana Gameros
12:40-1:10pm – Judgement Day
1:25-2:05pm – Spaceheater
2:05-2:15pm – puppet time w/ Big To-Do Puppet Theater
2:20-3:00pm – Tri Tip Trio
3:15-4:00pm – Sean Hayes
4:00-5:00 – marching band dance party w/ members of Loyd Family Players

5pm – LiveOnBike bicycle parade across the city with live bands performing:
Obo Martin
Fossil Fool the Bike Rapper
Justin Ancheta

6pm-10pm – Showplace Triangle ~ 16th St. & Wisconsin
6:00-6:30pm – The Derailleurs, and Fixie-riders jam
6:30-7:10pm – Manicato
7:35-8:20pm – Locura
8:25-8:40pm – silk climbers
8:45-9:05pm – The Nerv
9:15-10:00pm – The Get Back
↑ ↑ ↑ ↑ ↑ Woot! The Getback are performing! ↑ ↑ ↑ ↑ ↑

Videos of the various performers are available on the Bicycle Music Festival SF 2010 page if you'd like to check them out first.

The map of the route:

So, anyone want to go? I'm trying to decide how much of it and which parts I want to go to. I'd love to do the ride — if you've never ridden in a large group, I highly recommend the experience, plus riding with the Fool is a lot of fun — and I definitely want to see the Getback and they're up last. So the first part of the festival, at Speedway Meadow, I may or may not go to... or I may find myself a space off to the side where it's less overwhelming and just laze in the sun for a while. I'm open to discussion if anybody wants to join me, of course.

So... bikes, music, probably various food and beverages... should be fun. Drop me a line or leave a comment if you're interested.
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