Lexica (lexica510) wrote,

The evolution of conversations about my FiveFingers

For about the past eight months, I've been wearing my Vibram FiveFingers every day (aside from half of one day, while dressed up to attend a wedding), work and play.

One of the things about FiveFingers — aside from them being incredibly comfortable, helping one's feet to become stronger, and having the potential to clear up foot problems and pain (says the woman who used to have ongoing foot pain despite several hundred dollars worth of orthotics) — is that they're... distinctive. (When I first started wearing them, I felt like I had neon signs on my feet.) If you wear FiveFingers, you will get into conversations about them. The only way not to is to stay home, or to run the opposite direction whenever anybody comes near.

Over these eight months, the conversations I have with people have evolved.

"What are those? Those are the weirdest things I've ever seen!"

"Omigod! Your shoes have toes!"

"Hey, I saw something about those on the news! Do you like them?"

(on BART)

"I like your shoes."

"Yeah, they're—" *glance down at his feet and his wiggling toes* "— well, I obviously don't need to tell you how great they are!" *exchange of grins*

"How do you like those?"

"Best things ever. I love them. I don't wear anything else unless I'm forced to."

*dubiously* "Do they have support?"

*big, cheerful grin* "Nope, none at all!" *display sole of foot* "You're protected from stepping on things, but otherwise it's like going barefoot. Your feet get stronger. It used to be that at the end of the day I'd get home, tear my shoes off, and beg my husband for a foot massage. These days, I take them off because I don't want to be walking on the carpet in the outside shoes, but otherwise... I put them on to take the trash out the other day and was back inside for half an hour before I realized I still had them on."


(in the elevator at work with the Chief Financial Officer's executive secretary)

"Now where did you get those? Because I keep hearing how great they are..."

(a co-worker pokes his head into my workspace)

"Where did you get those? I think I need a pair."

(in the elevator at work)

"My friend has those! He says they're the best things ever! They've cleared up his foot problems and everything!"

(in the elevator at work)

*addressing the third elevator rider, not me* "My niece has a pair of those. She loves them. She's been telling me I need to get a pair."

I should really be getting a commission on these things...
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