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Signal boost: New email class with Cheri Huber starts November 1; also, live appearances

As announced recently on the Living Compassion webpage and mailing list, there will be a new email class with Cheri Huber, called It's Time to Feel Good, beginning November 1, 2010:
Most of us hold a very deep, conditioned belief that we must first fix what’s wrong with us before we can feel good about ourselves. “I want to feel good, to be free of self-hate, but I have habits I must break/amends I must make/actions I must take before I can be free. There’s no way I can love and accept myself without first changing how I am.” None of these beliefs are true.
More info here.

I've done a couple of email classes with Living Compassion and have found them very worthwhile. As Cheri says in Making a Change for Good: A Guide to Compassionate Self-Discipline, while it's fine to see how we do the things that we say are important to us and we want to do, it's often more interesting and useful to see how we don't do the things that we say are important to us and we want to do.

Cheri will also be appearing at various bookstores and events, including San Rafael on Friday, 10/29, San Jose on Saturday, 11/13, and Mountain View on Thursday, 11/18, plus (as usual) retreats and events at the Zen Monastery Peace Center in Murphys and the Mountain View Zen Center in Mountain View.
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