Lexica (lexica510) wrote,

A few points of interest for Bujold/Vorkosigan fans

  • Cryoburn, the newest Miles Vorkosigan book, as well as all the other Vorkosigan books except Memory, is available online, in full, for free, with the approval and sanction of Baen Books (and, one assumes, by extension Lois McMaster Bujold herself).
  • I quite enjoyed it, although as usual I was unable to resist the what happens next BOOKSNARF impulse, and will need to reread it for details.
  • Although Diplomatic Immunity, the book before this one, seemed a bit insubstantial to me, this one is up there with Barrayar, Memory, and A Civil Campaign in emotional impact. Having just finished reading it less than five minutes ago... I feel like I've been punched in the chest. Crying over people who don't even exist, never have, never will... Gah.

    Dammit, Lois.
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