Lexica (lexica510) wrote,

More "headline writers who should be fired" than "sounds dirty but isn't"

There was a sad incident at a local elementary school recently, when evildoers* broke into the school garden area and killed two of the chickens that lived in the school coop. Apparently the police have apprehended three teens as suspects.

How does SFGate report on this? Well, check the left side of this screenshot:

Seriously, SFGate? "Chicken chokings"?

You may notice that the actual blog post, as shown on the right of the screen, was titled "Three teenagers arrested for El Monte Elementary chicken slaughter".

*Damn right I'm getting judgmental about this. Killing an animal just because you want to kill something? Without even the justification of eating it? Yeah, I think that's evil.
Tags: accuracy, animals, annoyances, bay area, sometimes people suck, that's just wrong, things that sound dirty, violence

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