Lexica (lexica510) wrote,

Bicyclists: Beware of the car with license plate 5XZR137

Public service announcement: If you ride a bike in Oakland, watch out for a silver sedan with license plate number 5XZR137 — the one right in the center of this photo:

On my way in to work this morning, I was waiting at the red light at E. 18th Street and Lakeshore to make the left turn, positioned in the center of the lane right where both California state law and basic safety principles say a bicyclist should be. The light turned green, I started rolling, and the car behind me veered to the left, sped up to be even with me, and veered back to the right — very clearly sending the "get out of the lane!" message.

Of course, they got stopped at the next red light, at Lakeshore and Foothill. As I rolled up on the right, following another bicyclist, they tried to pull over right towards the curb to keep me from passing them.

Then as they passed me again, going around the curve towards the south end of the lake, they honked and did it AGAIN.

I'm pleased the photo is as clear as it is, considering I was rolling at the time. I would like a better point&shoot for this kind of photo, but for a cell phone it's not bad.

And I really want a helmet cam. Not that I expect it to do much good, because even if you videotape a driver threatening to kill you there's a good chance the authorities will refuse to prosecute. But I did tell Pirate, if I get killed by a motor vehicle, check the latest pics on my phone. If there's a shot of a car with its license plate showing, I almost certainly took it because they did something I thought was menacing or dangerous.
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