Lexica (lexica510) wrote,

Sorry, I'm just cranky that way

While signing up for a local MeetUp group, I found that the group organizer has it set up to require that one complete one's profile before signing up. No problem, I figured, and typed in a sentence or two about me and why I'm interested in the group's topic, then hit "submit".

It bounced back. Error: required information missing. Please check the boxes with the red asterisks and make sure you've completed them all.

Huh. So I scan the page. What red asterisk did I miss?

The photo? The photo? You have it set up so I can't join your group unless I upload a photo?

Oh, hell no.

So I downloaded a gif from MeetUp and then reuploaded it as "my picture":

In the unlikely event the organizer contacts me and says "you have to include a real photo", I'm planning to upload this one:

Tags: annoyances, photos

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