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There were never any "good old days" — they are today, they are tomorrow
Strength, health, and food in the new year 
1st-Jan-2011 07:09 pm
old-school strength
I did a simplified version of the Convict Conditioning progression chart and taped it inside my workout log so I can see it any time I want to refresh my memory:

I'm aiming for "ultimate endurance", "ultimate power", and "ultimate ability". No deadline set, though.

Also, in addition to Raw Right Now and A Little Cooked, I've just started a new blog on Tumblr called Chewing Over the Issues:
A companion to Raw Right Now and A Little Cooked, which seek to provide tasty raw vegan and whole foods recipes (respectively) to feed your body, Chewing Over the Issues seeks to provide ideas and information to feed your mind.

Topics touched upon are likely to include food, farming, nutrition, health, strength, movement, environmentalism, sustainability, community, spirituality, activism, transportation, and more. As has been pointed out by wise people from Indra to James Burke and beyond, everything is connected when we look at it deeply enough.

Food for thought and grounds for further research, with pointers to tasty recipes. Grab your beverage of choice, make yourself comfortable, and dig in.

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2nd-Jan-2011 06:15 am (UTC)
Leaning raw, but I'm not setting any standards or expectations for myself over it. The goal is "as raw as possible", which means I'm giving myself bunches of opportunities to succeed — any time I have something raw, that's a success! And when I'm not eating raw, I'm leaning almost entirely vegetarian, with a bit of a vegan lurch to my stride. ;-)

So far it's working really well. I'm feeling a lot healthier, my energy is better than it ever has been at this time of year, and I think my skin is improving (this is unexpected and very much appreciated).

Dinner tonight was mostly raw (a salad with a citrus-avocado-tahini dressing with cubes of roasted sweet potato and pecans and pomegranate seeds on top, plus parsnip-pine nut mash and cranberry relish) plus a cooked vegetarian bean soup. Very tasty.

Oh, and a couple of Fat Tire beers, which are anything but raw. Can't be perfect...
2nd-Jan-2011 11:03 pm (UTC)
"Food for thought".. an apt description.
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