Lexica (lexica510) wrote,

Oops. Actually, make that yay!

While CCing just now I seem to have gone up 5 reps on the incline pulls without even meaning to or realizing it. That's what you get for not checking the log to see how many you're supposed to be doing before you start. Oops.

I think it's because I started doing level 1 bridges this week (yes, like Pirate I'm cheating a bit on what Coach says about not starting bridges or headstands until you're at level 6 of the first 4 exercises) and they seem to be having very good effects on my back muscles. Not to mention OMG the inner thighs. Ow. I have got to get a massage — none of the usual tools we have like the foam roller or the Stick seem to address the inner thigh area effectively.

So at this point the routine looks roughly like this:
  1. Pushups: level 2 (incline pushups), 3x25
    Leg Raises: level 1 (knee tucks), 3x25
  2. Pullups: level 1.5 (incline pulls), 3x25
    Squats: level 2 (jackknife squats), 3x30
  3. Bridges: level 1 (short bridges), 1x10
    Handstand Pushups: level 1 (wall headstands), 30 seconds
Basically on an A/B/C rotation, 2-6 days on, 1-3 off.

It feels really good. I'm working on getting my morning routine simplified even further and set up the night before so I have time in the morning to do my E-cises, CC, and sit zazen. Without having to get up any earlier than 5:00 because it's rough enough doing that already. Ugh. I'd like to be doing the CC in the morning both because I think it'd help me feel better for the rest of the day at the desk (ugh again), and because then if I feel like CCing again when I get home it's a bonus session and if I don't it's not a problem because I've already done one.

Have I mentioned lately how much I want to transition out of this desk job to something more active?
Tags: convict conditioning, egoscue, fitness, meditation, strength

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