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training update

Pirate has been spending a lot more time poring over the Convict Conditioning book than I have (unsurprising; this is a guy who reads tabletop fantasy wargaming rulebooks for fun) and the other day suggested that we switch from the training schedule we were on (1 day pushups & leg raises, 1 day pullups and squats, 1 day bridges and headstands, 1 day off — which for me often stretched to more than one day off) to the Veterano schedule.

The Veterano is much simpler:
  • Monday: Pullups
  • Tuesday: Bridges
  • Wednesday: Handstand pushups (which at this point means headstand against the wall)
  • Thursday: Leg raises
  • Friday: Squats
  • Saturday: Pushups
  • Sunday: Off
So far it feels like it's clicking. One of the advantages is that with the previous schedule it felt like it was necessary to find time to Work Out: enough time to do the three sets of however many of one exercise and then three sets of however many of the other one. With the Veterano, because you're only doing the one exercise per day, it's a lot easier to find ways to slip a set in here and there. When I remember to do that (I'm still getting used to the routine), it means that by the time I get home at the end of the day I've already done some, most, or all of the three sets I need to do for the day. At that point, any additional sets I feel strong enough to do are bonus.

I can tell I'm getting stronger, and I still chafe at how slow it seems. I'm hoping that with the Veterano schedule I'll have an easier time staying regular with the schedule. That seems like the fastest way to get strong.
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