Lexica (lexica510) wrote,

If there's a fire, you grab the cats, I'll grab the Tower

So finally, after a mere three years of periodic sessions at the Egoscue Clinic in San Francisco, at every one of which for the past two years David the clinic director has been saying, "So, have you been doing your supine groin progressive exercise in the Tower?" to which we have responded sheepishly, "um, no"— after all that, Pirate and I finally got around to ordering ourselves an Egoscue Tower. It got here Saturday afternoon.

It doesn't look like all that much:

But having done just an abbreviated version — 5 minutes in each of the first three levels, on both legs — wow. I could already feel it working on my lower and upper back, and I'm optimistic about how it'll be able to help with my tight hip flexors.

Of course, it's an hour minimum to do a full session (5 minutes per six levels times two legs), so I think I'll be using this as an opportunity to catch up on Open Air archive podcasts and maybe check out some of the electronic audiobooks from the library.

Tags: egoscue, exercise, health, pain, stretching

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