June 19th, 2005

Lexi in the woods

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Poor spiritualmonkey seems to have a touch of food poisoning - we got home a few hours ago and he lay down with a headache and nausea. This has been followed by time spent in the bathroom accompanied by truly alarming sound effects.

The weird thing is that we've eaten almost exactly the same food yesterday and today, and I feel fine. Ordinarily, he's the man with the cast-iron stomach while I'm the canary in the food-poisoning coal mine - there have been multiple occasions where I've eaten out with a group of friends and been the only one to get sick.

Back when we were going to Burning Man (it's been a few years since we attended), we used to include a case of food poisoning for me in our time budget. Some point during the first three days, it was a safe bet that I'd get sick. At least one of our Ranger friends half-seriously accused him of poisoning me.

And yet here I am, feeling dandy. Odd.

Gotta go make him a cup of ginger tea. Poor guy.