April 10th, 2006

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Well, that didn't last long...

Some mornings the alarm clock goes off and you step lightly out of bed, awake and energetic enough to exercise before getting ready for work; the traffic moves smoothly on the way in; and when you get on the elevator with four other people, they're all serendipitously going to the same floor you are, so you get whisked up to your destination with no delays or interim stops.

And then you get to your desk and find a stack of things left by your manager, two long voicemail messages, and 35 pieces of email, most of which say something along the lines of "help! this is urgent! I'm swamped! delegate if you have to, just make this happen!"


If you need me, I'll be chained to my desk for the next 8 hours.

Dear Universe, please let it be sunny at lunchtime — I'm seriously going to need some time sitting in the sun midday to recharge.