November 7th, 2006

note to self

I will be so glad when we have a net connection at home again...

I keep having things pop into my head that I want to post something about, but either they're too trivial to bother remembering and then posting when I'm at work at my PC, or they're important/personal enough that I don't want to be posting them from my work PC. *sigh*

SBC are taking for-freaking-EVER to get the DSL reestablished, and we're displeased enough with the customer service we've gotten that we're looking into switching over to Speakeasy for no-land-line DSL service. The only calls we get on the land line are telemarketers, political pollsters, and visitors at the front door who need to be buzzed in. Of those, the latter are the only ones we're at all interested in talking to. It will make more sense and work better to be paying for 2 cell phones and a DSL line than the way we've got it now. Besides, I'd really like to have a cell phone again — I gave mine to spiritualmonkey when he left the property maintenance gig, figuring that I'm at my desk most of the day and so need one less. But being without one is mighty inconvenient at times.

Once we're connected again, updates on Indian cooking, books, depression, Zen, back pain, meditation, crime, life in the city, going off daylight savings, anger, and what happens when Goatboy's impulses override Pirate's usual good sense.