December 26th, 2006

Lexi in the woods

Happy Hannukwanzsolstmas!

A very happy Hannukwanzsolstmas to everyone. Pirate and I had a restful, low-key kind of day - slept in, hung out with the cats, read, that kind of thing. Pirate was lobbying for continuing the "tradition" of Hannukwanzsolstmas dinner at Coriya Hot Pot City at the Pacific East Mall, but instead we stayed home and made stuffed parathas (a kind of Indian bread) - half stuffed with potatoes, half with crumbled paneer. They were tasty, but I used a packaged spice blend (MDH Stuffed Parantha (sic) Masala), which was a bit too salty. Next time I'll try a from-scratch masala.

We'd planned to stay up all night and watch Journey to the Center of the Earth - even bought the ceremonial foodstuffs (Fruity Cheerios instead of Froot Loops, because they had 25% less sugar, but they still count) - but were thwarted by the geriatric cockroaches-on-treadmills that power the iMac, which wanted nothing to do with that DVD. *sigh*