November 22nd, 2007

House facepalm

you'd think I would have known better

Twelve years down the road, Pirate and I are still as 99% wrong for each other as we were the day we met.

Any compatibility test or personality inventory you care to name will come back saying "these two people should not spend time in the same room together."
  • Introvert/extrovert.
  • Fourth-generation SF Bay Area Californian/second-generation beach rat from Noo Yawk.
  • Microfamily/huge clan stretching to the horizon.
  • Only child/older sibling.
  • Child of divorce/"my people don't do that."
  • Cat person/dog person.
  • Bat-eared hypersense girl/volume rises with enthusiasm level.
  • Bruises easily/"the world is my mosh pit."
Why on earth are we still together?

Oh, yeah.

Because my life without the monkey would be calmer, more organized, quieter, and immeasurably poorer.

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