June 13th, 2008

Lexi in the woods

In brief...

...maybe not quite the soul of wit, but in the neighborhood:
  • 16:41 Would love to pick up Gastronomica magazine, but not at $13 an issue. #
  • 18:48 Home. Oof. Thinking am not going to get to weeding the garden the way I'd intended to, not after walking home with groceries & cat food. #
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House facepalm

Why did you hire Clive Owen if you didn't want him to look like Clive Owen?

Equal opportunity for distorted self-images! Um... yay?
Men, they're coming for you:
Yes, that's Clive Owen, the "ruggedly handsome" star of the silver screen, helping Lancôme advertise their new anti-Clive Owen anti-aging product for men.
For the record:
The Patriarchy has heard our many cries about the manifest unfairness that men are allowed to age more gracefully than women, that we are allowed to find aging men lovely, with all their "flaws," their gray hair and rough skin and scars and wrinkles. The Patriarchy has heard us raise our voices to protest the inequity, and it has said: "Let aging men thus be deemed ugly, too."

The Patriarchy has never seen an uneven bar that couldn't be lowered for everyone.
Bascove-cat with books

the life of Riley

I wonder if the cat realizes that he's at the age where I'm willing to give him just about anything he wants. In the past, if he had yowled for dinner at 9:30 at night, I would have ignored him and the monkey would probably have mocked him: "See these, cat?" *waves thumbs* "Know what these are? They're the reason I get to decide what time dinner is and you don't!"

These days?

Dinner? Of course. Let me clear away the half-eaten remains of your earlier meal and open another packet of the (really flipping expensive) prescription low-protein cat food that (thankfully) you seem to like so much.

A little catnip aperitif, perhaps? Laser pointer? Stroll onto the magazine I'm reading and lie down?

No problem, your majesty.

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