June 29th, 2008

Lexi in the woods

In brief...

...maybe not quite the soul of wit, but in the neighborhood:
  • 01:48 Walking to dinner with Pirate. We just got buzzed by a hawk. #
  • 01:54 Oh, man... somebody roll me home... *burp* #
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time to do a little surgery on my undergarments

I got frustrated this morning and took a pair of embroidery scissors to one of my bras. A few careful snips later, it's now underwire-free and ever so much more comfortable. I think I'm going to go remove the underwires from all my other bras.

Some people — mostly bra fitters — insist that an underwire in a bra is essential for any woman, even if she has small breasts. They make various arguments for this position, but I think that deep down it's a case of "I have to suffer with this damn wire digging into my ribs, and you should too."


Large-breasted women get to do cleavage and have to put up with the discomfort of underwires. Small-breasted women don't get to do cleavage, but we get to go without underwires if we want to.

And messenger bags. We get to wear messenger bags with cross-chest straps.

Hey, I believe in silver linings.

various thoughts, mostly food-related

  • Taskmaster Brain thinks I should be doing a second round of my E-cises instead of sitting in front of the computer eating wonton crisps and drinking homemade sparkling ginger lemonade. Nobody is listening to Taskmaster Brain, which makes the poor thing very frustrated.

  • I've got... hm, what to call it? Sort of a leftover chain going. Dinner tonight is an 8-ball zucchini stuffed with a mixture of diced onions, the scooped-out zucchini innards, and Monday night's leftover lemon rice (made with leftover white basmati) plus Wednesday night's leftover lemon rice (made with leftover brown basmati).

    As usual with stuffed vegetables, there's more stuffing than will fit back into the veg, so I have a bit less than a cup of stuffing left over. Maybe... maybe it'll go into stuffed cremini mushrooms. Hm. It's not really rice-heavy — maybe I'll get some wonton wrappers and make ravioli. Serve with a ghee-based tadka, maybe, kind of a desi version of ravioli with browned butter and sage. Or if I felt like dealing with deep frying, I could use the wonton wrappers and make faux samosa. Frying's a hassle, though, and we keep mumbling about getting one of those FryDaddy or FryBaby things without ever actually doing anything about it.

  • Also part of dinner tonight is leftover yogurt-lime sauce from last night's spicy sweet potatoes with yogurt-lime sauce. We didn't have any cilantro, so I substituted mint in the sauce; very tasty. I recommend draining the yogurt for at least half an hour or an hour first, or the sauce will probably be very runny.

  • My neighbors have been getting warmed up for the Fourth of July for at least a week now. Boom!

  • We picked up some coconut chips at Vik's after lunch yesterday. I'm not sure if they're big enough (they're definitely little chip-like bits, not large flakes), but if they are I'd like to try this "vegan bacon" recipe.

  • The coconut chips also have me thinking thoughts about coconut-lime cupcakes. Those may have to happen tonight, considering I have both fresh limes (ordinary Persian limes) and frozen key lime zest on hand.

  • Pirate and I are hoping to get out to the Alameda County Fair on July 5th, when Los Lobos are performing.

  • My latest experiment in homemade convenience mixes is black pepper rasam paste. It's everything except the water — ground spice mix, tamarind extract, oil, and sizzled black mustard seeds — mixed together into a paste. It's working pretty well, and is certainly more convenient than messing around with hot oil every time I want a cup of rasam. It works fine added to cold water in a saucepan and brought to a boil, or if you only have a boiling water dispenser available (we love our HotShot), that works too.

  • The zucchini is done and my leftover dal is heated up, so it's time for dinner.