August 19th, 2008

owl-don't make me kill you

SPF nuh-uh!

Background info for those who haven't met me in person: I'm pale. I'm "so white she's practically translucent", according to spiritualmonkey; so pale, "they don't X-ray her, they just hold her up to the light." I take my sunscreen seriously. One year I spent 10 days out at Burning Man and didn't get enough of a tan to develop a tan-line from my watch. I am a person of pallor.

So I'm used to buying the palest shade of foundation in any particular makeup company's line — if they even have one that's pale enough, that is. (Many don't.)

I've been trying different mineral makeups to see which I like best. Started out with Aromaleigh and was reasonably pleased with their foundation, but wanted to check out some others. Tried Everyday Minerals, whatever brand my skincare specialist carries, and some other brand I don't remember. I didn't like the textures of the others, so it's back to Aromaleigh.

Of course, I didn't remember exactly what shade I wore before. Level 1 Neutral, Level 1 Yellow, Level 1 Yellow/Linen, Level 1 Warm, Level 1 Warm/Linen... ack! So I got samples of each of them.

I've been trying the samples and not feeling terribly happy with the results. Okay, the Y/L is clearly the right color family, but this isn't how I remember their foundation looking — it looks awfully chalky. Maybe if I mix in some of the Level 2 Y/L sample I have left from before?

Still too light. A little more, maybe.

No, still too light. Okay, let's try the Level 2 Y/L straight.

Hey, that looks good. No chalkiness, no unhealthy pallor, and blends in well at my jawline.

What the hell?

Obviously, the "SPF 30" sunscreen I was using before ISN'T, dammit. Back to the Neutrogena for me, at least until I can dive into the Environmental Working Group's sunscreen safety database.