August 22nd, 2008

what's up Daddy-O?

Confirmation: yep, still a geek

One of the stories currently up at Consumerist uses this photoshopped collage as an illustration:

Was my first thought "Oh, plastic in Hot Pockets, that's bad"?


Was my first thought "Hot Pockets — ick!"

No. (That was thought #2.)

No, my first thought was "Hey, those are Icehouse pieces!"

Although they now seem to have repackaged it as Treehouse. And they've discontinued Zendo. Foo.
Lexi in the woods

In brief...

...maybe not quite the soul of wit, but in the neighborhood:

  • 20:08 Ahh - quiet Friday night at home with the cat. Got a book, a Fernet with ginger, & some chips. Music on the stereo. Was a long day ar work. #

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