September 5th, 2008


thinking about my mother

And searching YouTube for some of her favorite musicians. At least, the ones that stuck in my memory. *wry smile*

For your enjoyment:

Blossom Dearie — Collapse )

Bob Dorough — Collapse )

Thelonious Monk — Collapse )

The BobsCollapse )
Sadly, the only Bobs tracks I could find were from well into the 21st century, so (to my ear) the lineup is all wrong. That's supposed to be Gunnar Bob on lead vocals, dammit! *sulks*

Marshall Hain [ZOMG YouTube has Marshall Hain? Cool!]Collapse )

Michael Franks — Collapse )

Dire Straits — Collapse )

The Beatles — Collapse )
When I went off to college, among the things I packed were all the Beatles albums. About a week after I'd been gone, the phone in our room rang. I answered, to hear my mother say, "You little bitch, bring back my Beatles albums! I mean, hello, I love you, bring back my Beatles albums!"

And then shading into some of the musicians I introduced her to...

Kirsty MacColl — Collapse )

The Jazz ButcherCollapse )

And closing with a last Jazz Butcher track, because I was seriously in love with him during my late teens, so she listened to a lot of his music... and because this song makes me cry almost every time I hear it.

The Jazz Butcher — "Angels"
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