February 17th, 2010

we have a problem with your brain being

This word you keep using...

Am listening in on a webinar about "how to write webinar invitations to catch people's attention".

In his list of general tips, one of the presenters just said "and go through and get rid of passive verbs. Instead of 'thinking' say 'think'. Get rid of all those '-ing' verbs — make them active!"

I'm not even sure where I would start on the explanation of "things you clearly don't understand about verbs".

food, Bascove peaches

Mmm, cookies

As I was getting ready for work this morning, spiritualmonkey called from the kitchen, "Hey, you need to teach me to make these biscotti. There are only four left. I mean — three! There are only three left."

"Yeah," I said, "especially since the recipe labeled 'biscotti' that's up on the fridge isn't actually the recipe."

"Wait, what?" he asked.

"Yeah, I modified it."

So, in the interests of distributing the biscotti-making duties, I just finished updating the Desserts (including cookies) page of the Team LexiMonkey Household Cookbook. For your enjoyment: Pecan-Brown Sugar Biscotti.