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There were never any "good old days" — they are today, they are tomorrow
brief food-related notes (mostly Oakland) 
5th-May-2006 01:57 pm
food, Bascove peaches

  • If being called "honey" or "sweetie" by a near-stranger annoys you, don't go to the Off Broadway Sandwich Board (15th Street between Broadway and Franklin). If that doesn't bother you, the Off Broadway makes good sandwiches at reasonable prices, and the turkey they use in their roast turkey sandwich actually tastes like turkey, not like chopped-pressed-chemicalized faux-turkey-from-a-vat the way most pre-sliced turkey does (IMO). No printed menu available, which is inconvenient.
  • The restaurant formerly known as Jimbo's (Franklin at 15th Street) is now Thai Corner. Lunch dishes seem to be in the $5-$7 range, and they have a section of the menu dedicated to vegan items. Their menu is posted prominently by the entrance, but no printed copies available to take away (at least not outside).
  • The Oakland branch of Ital Calabash (Franklin at 14th Street) is for sale by owner. Don't know if the Berkeley branch is too.
  • Flint's has reopened on Shattuck! Some things never change, though — still no sauce sold separately.
  • The Little Bistro (Webster & 15th Street) is still my favorite hole-in-the-wall sandwich joint downtown. Their broccoli soup is still bad, however. Overcooked broccoli, blechhh.
  • Given the date, I'm thinking that dinner tonight might be a tostada de ceviche de pescado from Tacos Sinaloa (actually, Mariscos Sinaloa in this case) at International Blvd. & 22nd Ave.
  • Given the date and my dislike of crowds and loud noises, I'm thinking that spiritualmonkey might need to go get dinner & bring it home. :-)
5th-May-2006 10:32 pm (UTC)
Yeah, the Off Broadway place creeped me out a bit. I went there once. Didn't comment about the people, but I remember they called me "honey". Still, it's better than Seoul House, where one waitress seems fascinated by my hair and keeps commenting on it.

Aaargh! I forgot about Thai Corner. I was going to try it out today! Well, guess I have Monday plans, then.

Too bad about Ital Calabash. Is it "for sale" as in "franchise sale but menu is the same"? I've never made it there yet, but some of their veggie burgers looked intriguing.

And I'm staying far away from Mexican food until Monday. I made the mistake about six years ago of not knowing what day it was, and thinking "well, Juanita's in Alameda sounds great, let's go there!". The place was packed and raucaus, with failing service, and three hours later we fled, quite upset by the noise and experience. It was May 5th, of course. Oops.
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