Lexica (lexica510) wrote,

If it's Sunday, it must be squirrel spam

Pirate had an early-afternoon call yesterday, so we got up and out to do errands fairly early. A brisk ride to Kaiser Oakland to pick up a prescription, then downtown, Lakeshore Ave, and over to Lakeside Park to the tree.

Sure enough, Honey Brown showed up to say hi. And not long after, Nervy Nose appeared on the branch behind me:

Nervy is also getting more at ease with us.

After a while, Pirate grudgingly acknowledged that if he wanted to be home when his ride to work showed up, we had to get going. He headed down the tree to ground level and I passed down the coffee mugs. I was just about to stand up and put my pack on to climb down when Honey Brown came back. More nuts, monkey? she seemed to say. Just a few?

So I shook some more trail mix into my hand and held it out. As she took it, I realized This isn't Honey Brown, this is Left Ear which means that all three of our squirrel friends came by to visit.

At this point, Pirate was on the ground looking up saying, "Dammit, squirrels, I have a job to get to. Stop being cute and let Lexi out of the tree!" *annoyed sigh* "Sorry, babe, I think I may have to leave you here." But then Left Ear took a filbert and headed off to bury it, and I took advantage to make my escape. *grin*

I'm about to head out now to the Jack London Square farmers' market and do an errand or two, and may well stop by the tree on my way home ("on the way home" = "it only adds two miles to the ride", heh) to see if the squirrels are around.
Tags: animals, lake merritt, squirrels, wildlife

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