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A women's Halloween costume where "adult" is not being used as a synonym for "slutty"

When I saw the link to this costume and noticed the world "adult" in the URL, my heart sank. Oh, please, don't let them have warped and perverted this far enough to make a "slutty" version...

And then I clicked through and my heart did a brief happy dance in my chest. Check this out:

And, for comparison, an original image:


And take a look at these two gals rockin' the costumes in real life:

Very nice. Too bad ol' Sieve-Brain Girl doesn't remember enough details of the show to be able to carry off either costume very well. Instead, I'm half-considering going as Juana Galan. A lace mantilla, a great honkin' big stick, and a small kettle to represent the boiling oil? Heck yeah!
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