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Signal boost: New email class with Cheri Huber, November 1-30, 2011

For anyone who's not on the Living Compassion email list but who might be interested:

Title: “It’s Time to Feel Good” – NEW SESSION
Dates: November 1-30, 2011
Cost: $80.00 ($60.00 for Monthly Donors)

Note: This class is one of the prerequisites for the extraordinary new “What You practice Is What You Have” retreat with Cheri.

We are offering another month of the “It’s Time to Feel Good” email class, based on Cheri’s latest book, What You Practice Is What You Have: A Guide to Having the Life You Want. According to participants in the first session, November 2010, the practice of self-mentoring and self-facilitation through making and listening to recordings of how you want your life to be has been tremendously transformative. Because so many are reporting life-changing results, and because so many others have said they’d like to take the class, we are offering it again. Here is some of the feedback we received:
  • I knew intellectually what egocentric karmic conditioning/self-hate was and that compassionate acceptance could end it. Now I know how to do that.

  • Thank you so much to everyone involved in our record/listen class. It has been an incredible, life enhancing gift to me. I will be signing up in April. If I weren’t already a monthly donor, I would become one.

  • Being clear in my recordings about (1) this is what the voices are saying; (2) this is what the mentor says – has helped me to stay on track. Gratitude overfloweth for all!

  • Recording and listening has changed my life. I expect to feel happy.

  • It is so loving to focus on what these recordings are saying. This is the life I want to live and what I have always wanted but only felt elusively, until this commitment to practice.

  • The most helpful thing has been Sangha support via the class blog and the radio archives as I go through the recording/listening process. I’m not alone and it’s all okay.

  • Holy horse-pucky! I just experienced for the first time that when my attention is on recording and listening I am not suffering. When egocentric karmic conditioning/self-hate distracts me from recording and listening, I suffer. Huge gratitude!

  • Have broken old patterns. Go to bed and wake up with joy. Now I know the support is always within. Deep gratitude for all who made this happen.
In this session of “It’s Time to Feel Good,” there will be some of the same or similar exercises as in the previous sessions and some new ones. Those from a previous class who sign up for this session will be given class assignments that take them to the next level. All participant emails with Cheri’s responses will be shared with the whole class. In other words, there will be challenges for everyone.

Class Description
Most of us hold a very deep, conditioned belief that we must first fix what’s wrong with us before we can feel good about ourselves. “I want to feel good, to be free of self-hate, but I have habits I must break/amends I must make/actions I must take before I can be free. There’s no way I can love and accept myself without first changing how I am.” The difficulty is that the voice that has us convinced that we must change is in charge of doing the changing! This system is designed to fail.

In this class we will identify the places where those internal voices of judgment and self-hate snag us, plunging us into suffering. Using the recording tool in What You Practice Is What You Have, we will find our own internal Mentor, counter conditioning’s antics, and end the belief that we must fix ourselves before we are worthy of enjoying our time, attention, and best efforts. It’s time to feel good, time to practice turning attention to the good that we are.

Class Format
Twice a week, Tuesdays and Fridays, Cheri will send an assignment to the class. These assignments are the heart of the class. They are usually quite simple and require focusing attention on some aspect of your life. You will spend some time doing the assignments and, if you choose, email Cheri with your experiences, comments, questions, etc. She will read and respond to all on-subject emails from the class. All emails and responses will be posted on a web page created for this class. Cheri’s staff removes all names before she sees them, assuring anonymity.

A word from Cheri about recording devices
Participants are required to have a portable voice recorder. You can use any recorder you choose for the class as long as it is portable. Digital or cassette tape doesn’t matter, but it needs to be something you can have with you all the time. The one I have is digital, comes from Radio Shack, and costs about $30. I am in the process of transferring the recordings I have to iTunes so I can download and listen to them on my phone. The level of technology you choose to engage with is up to you--though if you have voices telling you anything is limiting your choice, I’d encourage you to confront that information and do exactly the opposite of what you’re being told--but you will need something easy to have with you all the time. Also, you will not need to be online when you make or listen to your recording.

Time Requirement
The class assignments are designed to be focused on for as long as it takes individual participants to complete them. Reading the daily emails will take no more than a couple of minutes. Reading class submissions and Cheri’s responses will take considerably longer. Read at your own pace.

The book--What You Practice Is What You Have
It’s not a requirement, but certainly recommended, that participants read What You Practice Is What You Have before the class begins.

Go to our secure payment page and register by Monday, October 30.

For Monthly Donors: to pay your Registration Pledge, please use this secure payment page.

A confirmation email, containing answers to many common questions, will be sent by 6:00 p.m., PST, Tuesday, October 31. If you sign up but do not receive confirmation by that time—remember to allow for time zone differences—let us know ASAP.

We look forward to your participation. If you have questions, please let us know.


Some of what we have heard from email class participants:
-- "Cheri's email classes are fun and very enlightening. Her clarity and sometimes outrageous sense of humor keep me reading deep into the night." A. R., Pennsylvania
-- "It is a blessing to have this remarkable practice available in my own home." K. L., United Kingdom
-- "Cheri reads many hundreds of emails from participants during these classes. Her level of commitment inspires me more than I can say." H. S., Oregon
Information page on the Living Compassion website.
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