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Maybe he could have a "migraine"...

It's not as though Pirate and I are flush enough that we lightly have him tell his company he's unavailable. And we're certainly not going to burn his credit with his bosses by having him call off a shift that he's been scheduled for, short of him getting a level II headache or above.

So imagine my delight when, after he's sent in his availability for the coming week, we learn that there's going to be a second East Bay Bike Party ride this month:
You know what would cap off a day celebrating pedal powered transportation? Why a bike ride of course!

East Bay Bike Party is teaming up with PedalFest, San Jose Bike Party, and San Francisco Bike Party for an all-bay 18 mile party on wheels. Consider it your second (or third or fourth) chance to get down with Bike Party crews from all over the bay this weekend!

This special ride will take head around Oakland, from the port to Lake Merritt and a bunch of places in between, and because it's heading out early and is extra long (18 miles) they'll be three party stops.

Check out the Route Map
We had a totally OMG must do this again every month! outstanding experience at the East Bay Bike Party ride this past Friday. But, of course, Pirate got a shift for Saturday, and I just don't think it would be as fun to go on on my own. Not the riding part so much — find somebody with a trailer-mounted rolling sound system who's playing something you like (Queen's "Bicycle Race" is always good, Thin Lizzy's "Dancing in the Moonlight" is really nice, and wow does side A of Dark Side of the Moon go well with a couple hundred bicyclists rolling down San Pablo at ten-thirty on a Friday night) and ride near them and you're almost guaranteed a pleasant ride — but not having a friend to hang out with at the party stops doesn't sound so appealing.


*kicks ground irritably*
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