Lexica (lexica510) wrote,

LJ is the place where, when you have to go there, they have to take you in

Or something like that.

Hey, LJ. It's been a while. The usual autumnal funk hit me pretty hard this year (although as spiritualmonkey pointed out, "Hard? Normally 'hard' would mean we spent the winter without leaving the apartment, wishing for death. This? This was nothin'.") and I've been feeling off kilter and unmoored for a bit the past six months or so. Erf.

And then the other day I came across the Bangable Dudes in History blog (Motto: "Dead man porn for your still-beating heart"). In particular, the Buster Keaton entry, which reminded me of *cough* certain people on LJ. And then there's been hockey in the news, which has reminded me of other people on LJ. And other things reminding me of other people. And a feeling that it would be good to get out of my head a bit, and to do so in more than 140-character chunks, and to have the ability to filter and lock things, and...

So hey, LJ. How the heck you been?

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