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And how is this skin off your nose?

I tend to be Sieve-Brain Girl when it comes to remembering plots and details of things I've read (which can be great, as it lets me re-read things with almost as much enjoyment as the first time I read them), but wasn't this the beginning of a Roger Zelazny book?

From the article:
Lechner's extended academic career has made him a celebrity of sorts. His never-ending student life has been featured in newspapers and on network television shows, not to mention campus publications across the nation.

By this spring he had completed 234 college credits, or about 100 more than needed to graduate, and was taking seven more....

Michelle Eigenberger, an editor at The Royal Purple, said Lechner may have achieved celebrity status, but most students are tired of it.

"It's getting old," she said. "For the sanity of the rest of the campus, we want him to get out of here."
Maybe it's because of my exposure to the community college system, where you can take classes forever as long as you pay the fees, or maybe I'm a little sensitized because I was a "non-traditional-age student" for most of my college years, but I think the "most students" need to spend less time worrying about their fellow students and more time worrying about more substantial issues. If he's disrupting class or interfering with other students' ability to learn, fine, discipline him. But if it's just "we're tired of seeing him around", get the hell over your overprivileged selves.

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